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Koenji Awa Dance Association






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Koenji Awa Dance Association


Kikusuiren has 3 years old to 81 years old members with an age difference of 78 years! We all practice and perform together at different occasions, and apart from that we also organize various events and creative activities and have fun! Together, we are like a large family with strong bonding among the members.

We celebrated the 55th anniversary in 2018. The passion of dancing has been increasing every year. We not just follow the Tokushima’s traditional “Tokushima Prefecture Awaodori Kyokai Kikusuiren”, but we also aim at making our own dance style as a tradition and be the change.

We continue our practice so that we can build the confidence in the next generation of the group and feel them proud of it. We also perform at welfare institutions and international cultural exchange events. We aim to make the society such that all the people in it are well connected.

We will continue to cherish the dance as a traditional Japanese culture, and will continue to cater to the onlookers, the emotional charm of Awaodori! We would like to thank you all for all your continuous support.


Kikusuiren Leader Kazunari Azumi


Onna Odori (woman dancer)

 In Awaodori, most of us wear the Amigasa (an umbrella woven with hay or straw) which is a specialty of this dance. Dances vary from emotional dances to intense and rhythmic dances.

There are many of us who are still students or have just started working. we also have some elder sisters who have a long experience of life too. Apart from practicing dance, these sisters also have

(Kimono) wearing classes.

Girl’s party after the show is also one of the very popular activity.

Otoko Odori (Man dancer)

 Looking good is our Motto! Stage composition “Samurai” is our dance with sharp steps that expresses the strength of the men. The delicate movements along with the dazzling steps also show beauty.

Wild calls and powerful jumps, you cannot forget it once you see it!

On the weekdays, after work, we practice and use advanced technology in the group to check our minute actions too.

Let us show off our samurai configuration with the team Kikusuiren!

Onnaotoko Odori (Woman Dancer)

Kids in Kikusuiren always admire to this type of dance.  Using the Uchiwa (Japanese traditional fan) and turning it beautifully while dancing, looking like flying swans is this dance. Unfortunately, this group can be joined only after three years once you join Kikusuiren. However, we would appreciate your efforts if you join and stay highly motivated.

Children dance

 Children wear yellow colored costumes, just like a chick and dance energetically.  We can’t compare it with “Kogiku chan” of Tokushima, but these kids put a lot of efforts in this bouncing dance.

After graduating as 6th grader, three of these children will now serve to coordinate the group of 20 as alternate members.

They will go and support the dance with a serious adulthood. Please do come and see.


Narimono (Musical Instruments)


The main attraction of Awaodori is not only the colorful costumes but also the instruments called “Zomeki”. The Zomeki is used to spread sounds strong and slowly according to the flow of the dance.


 The origins of Awaodori can be the instruments like “Shamisen (Japanese traditional string instrument)”, and “Fue (Flute)”, which is used to play melodies like “Kikusui Hayashi”, the “Dadaiko (Drum)” helps to produce a low-pitched sound and the “Shimedaiko (Japanese drum)” helps to improve the tempo. All the instruments are led by the instruments like “Kane” which helps to get the dance more interesting and fun.


      Kikusuiren Official 

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【2020年ふるさと祭り】東京ドームの高円寺阿波おどり! #ふるさと祭り東京
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【2020年ふるさと祭り】東京ドームの高円寺阿波おどり! #ふるさと祭り東京